One of the most price-conscious signage solutions includes foam letter signs. Despite being budget-friendly, foam letter signs are among the most versatile display options for your business.

At Instant Signs, we want to help you achieve your business ambitions through your very own foam letter signs.

What Are Foam Letter Signs?

Foam letter signs are a cost-effective option for interior or exterior signs and are made from one of the following materials:

Indoor-Rated, High-Density Foam

The name Gatorfoam has been given to indoor-rate, high-density foam used in foam letter signs. This foam has a dense core with a tough yet smooth exterior. The thickness of Gatorfoam runs between one-half inch up to two inches.

Outdoor-Rated, Two-Pound Foam

While Gatorfoam is primarily for indoor use, some foams are suitable for exterior signs. Outdoor-rated, two-pound foam comes in depths ranging from one inch to three inches. 

High-Density-Urethane (HDU)

Another outdoor foam used for foam letter signs is high-density urethane or HDU. HDU is designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. 

How to Use Foam Letter Signs

Since foam letter signs can come in various materials, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor signage options.

Buildings and Walls

Choose from either two-pound or HDU materials to manufacture foam letter signs for your building. You can opt to have the foam painted or laminated to give different visual appearances.

Directional Signage

Installing foam letter signs is an effective way to provide directions to prospective customers. You can choose to mount your foam letter signs directly onto the wall or a mounting board of sorts.

Lobby Signage

Gatorfoam is an excellent option for lobby signage because you can easily have it painted to match your branding. Also, you can opt for an acrylic or metal laminate to give a more professional finish.

Branding Displays

Easily spell out your motto or mission statement and present it to your consumers right below your business’s name, so it is not easily forgotten.

Foam Letter Signs by Instant Signs

At Instant Signs, we produce custom signs for Orange County, including monuments, pylon, and foam letter signs. We fabricate and install a wide variety of custom indoor and exterior signs for all types of businesses, professional services, schools, and churches. 

Design and Installation

From the design to installation of your foam letter signs, Instant Signs handles it all. Our team comes highly trained and consists of professionals, including graphic designers, project managers, fabricators, and installers. Our goal at Instant Signs is to exceed your expectations through the entire process, from the design to the installation of your sign. 

Service and Repairs

Here are Instant Signs, we don’t just handle new foam letter sign projects. If your existing foam letter signs require repair or only general service, our team is ready to serve you. We handle all types of sign services and repairs and are readily equipped with a boom truck. Whether you are looking for service or repair on indoor or outdoor business signs, we will take care of it all.

Why Choose Instant Signs

Instant Signs is currently servicing the Greater Orange County Area. We fabricate and install a wide variety of custom indoor and exterior signs for all types of businesses, professional services, schools, and churches.

We are unlike any other sign shop out there. When you choose Instant Signs for your monument sign needs, you know that you will be receiving all of the following:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Expertise guidance
  • Highly skilled & creative team
  • Prompt services

Whether it’s a ground-up project or refurbishing an existing sign, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business for custom signs in Orange County.